enviie Help

Here are a list of known issues with enviie on various platforms. If you require any specific help not covered below then please email support@confitrack.com.

Video on Android Devices

1. If you or a friend are experiencing issues with video on Android there are a couple of things you need to know about playing back video.

If the video doesn’t playback correctly we have found that MX Player is a good third party utility for video playback. If you don’t have it already go to the Play Store and search for and install MX Player from J2 Interactive, the free version.



2. Once MX Player is installed open Settings – then click More or General


3. Look for an item in the left hand column called Default Applications and click it


4. Under the heading Clear Defaults you should see which application you are currently using to play video.
In this case it is an app called Video Player
Tap the button ‘Clear’ next to Video Player (or whatever application you are currently using to play video)

Close Settings and open enviie

Open an enviie shipment that has a video. You should get an option to select the default video player…

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 09.20.18-1

Choose MX Player and click Always

5. If the video still doesn’t play correctly, i.e. you get a black screen or just hear the audio,  tap the screen and you should see the letters HW, or SW, towards the top right of the screen in the title bar. 


Click it and you will see that you get the option to toggle between HW and SW. Swap the current mode (i.e. if it is HW click SW and vice versa) and the video should then play. To make sure MX Player remembers this setting next time you open a video you can set the decoding mode in the MX Player app.

6. Setting Decoding mode in MX Player

Launch MX Player


7. You can set the default Decoding mode (HW or SW) that MX Player uses by finding the MX Player icon on your device, launching MX Player and then tapping the three dots in the top right of the screen to open the menu.


Select ’Settings’ from this menu and then select ‘Decoder’. If you need to set it to SW as a default make sure ‘SW Decoder (network)’ is ticked. If you need to set it for HW tick the box ‘Use HW+ Decoder’

When you then open a video from now on from it should always default to the type of Decoding that you have just selected and play correctly.