if it was Private, 

it went in an Envelope.

For Thousands of Years,

Then came email,

text and social media!

When we need privacy the most

– where did the envelope go ?

enviie – the Virtual Envelope

Privacy & Control for all your Digital Content.

Control what happens to your important attachments after they’ve been sent. Force acceptance of your unique terms and conditions at every opening.

Track who views your content, when and where (inc fwd) and if you suspect a breach, vaporize your content entirely.

The patented solution to ‘was it opened, was it forwarded, who has it now?’


Share Anything in your Envelope

Whatever your content, once inside an enviie virtual envelope, you can send it to anyone, via: mobile app, desktop app, website SaaS, by traditional email, text message or social media.

A truly flexible way of sending your files and staying in control and informed about every opening.

Your Content Stays Private

Before opening enviie, the recipient must agree to your terms and conditions.

Once they have agreed, your content can be viewed and you are notified of their actions.

What once took days to do, with agreements and NDA’s going back and forth is now just a click away, with the same protection and legal standing.

Plus, you know your shipment has been received, where, when and every time it is opened.

Track and Control your Content

With enviie, the contents of your virtual envelope are tracked and every activity is reported to you either through the mobile app, desktop app, website, email or SMS.

Each shipment lets you set unique options to stop or allow downloads, expiry dates, stop or allow forwarding and much more.

If at any time you don’t want the recipient to access your shipment, you can simply Vaporize your envelope, even if they have it open.

If you allow your content to be shared, or run a campaign to grow your user base, then every view and forward of your content is tracked, captured and reported. Every share and view of your campaign is a new and harvestable email address.

Vaporizing Explained

There are 3 major ways to ship…


The shipment is delivered…. and opened


The sender is immediately notified that the delivery has been opened…


The sender has control to allow access, freeze or vaporize the envelope…


Looking after your content


enviie is a Public Cloud based hosted service that allows content to be sent within a Virtual Envelope

  • Accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, FIPS 140.2, SEC and ISAE 3402 Type II standards
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • All traffic encrypted by SSL.
  • Firewall and DDoS Mitigation in place.
  • Data at Rest is encrypted and password protected

enviie also offers a hybrid Private Cloud solution to customers who want to keep their content within their corporate network.

  • Deployed on the Corporate Network
  • No content need ever ‘leave the building’
  • Create enviie shipments from your existing email system
  • Create enviie shipments using Corporate Devices

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enviie is a division of the ConfiTrack International Group of companies